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June 2013
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We Will Never Forget

September 11, 2001 we will never forget you and what happen. Ten years later we are stronger as a nation. Never forget how 9-11 brought The USA together as a nation. A 9-11 memorial image 2011 Lightning bolts striking in the sky with car light trails with the world Trade Center on 9-11 painted in [...]

Colorful Cloud to Cloud Colorado Lightning

Lights from the city with cloud to cloud lightning above and a silhouette of a tree in the foreground. Boulder County Colorado. Fine Art lightning nature photography landscape prints and canvas wall art. [...]

Lightning Striking and Tree Silhouette

Boulder County, Colorado. What a great night. Incredible sunset with the clouds starting to boil in to some lightning storms. This was a really great night for shooting lightning because the rain was very light where I was positioned. Lots of Cloud to ground and cloud to cloud. [...]

Lightning Striking with Horses and Small Barn BW

Lightning striking with a tree, horses and small barn. Northeast Boulder County Colorado August 3rd, 2011. Image number 66 black and white fine art lightning photography print and canvas art cropped in. James Insogna Photography Filed under: Black and White Fine Art Prints and Canvas Art Tagged: 0066cbw, 2011, 3, art, august, barn, black, black [...] [...]

Colorful Colorado Cloud to Cloud Lightning Thunderstorm

A fantastic colorful Colorado cloud to cloud lightning thunderstorm. Lightning image number 27 with a light amount of grain/noise added to it. A Tree Silhouette in the foreground with a large open colorful sky from the city lights and a small lightning bolt going cloud to cloud. James Insogna [...]

Lightning Bolts Striking the Colorado Continental Divide

A cropped version of Lightning bolts striking the Continental Divide next to the Twin Peaks, Mt. Meeker 13,911? and Longs Peak 14,256? of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Boulder County. Lightning fine art photography prints and canvas art. Striking Lightning photography by James Bo Insogna, The Lightning Man. 1-888-682-0122 [...]