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December 2014
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Striking Fine Art

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Lightning Strikes The Colorado Dacona Oil Fields

Lightning bolts striking the Dacona oil fields in Colorado. Two lightning bolts from this fast moving thunderstorm raining down next to an oil well pump jack. ””

Double Lightning Strike Harmony

Lightning bolts striking the Colorado Dacona oil fields in harmony. Two lightning bolts striking next to a oil well pump jack. This was taken on September 19th, 2014 8:08 pm and very well might be the last of the season. Settings – ISO 200 – 30 sec – f8 – 75mm””

Pastel Painted Country Sunset Sky

Pastel painted sunset sky out in the country plains of Colorado. This is 450 images from this sunset stacked to get this effect.

Electrical Arcing Cloud

Inter-cloud and cloud to cloud lightning thunderstorm with a beautiful sky above a country lake north east of Longmont and Boulder County. Lightning bolts were really striking and hitting the ground in Ft Collins. We are on the south side of this storm. Lightning is a case of an electric arc between one cloud and the earth or another cloud, as are sparks caused by discharges of static electricity.””

Crude Oil and Natural Gas Striking Across America – Happy Labor Day

View of an oil well pumpjack with a lightning thunderstorm striking and American USA Flag background. near by. Composite HDR Black and white with selective coloring and American USA Flag background. ””

Sleeping Under the Milky Way Stars

Sleeping under the stars in the forest and looking up pine trees to the sky and stars with the Milky Way over head. Boulder County, Colorado, Indian Peaks. ””

Colorado Indian Peaks Wilderness Milky Way Panorama

A very large panorama view of the Milky Way over the Colorado Rocky Mountains front range, view to the west on the left of the Indian Peaks over Brainard Lake and to the northeast on the right getting some cloud city lights reflection from Boulder Colorado. This is my most favorite place in the world and one of the reasons I love Colorado and Boulder County so much. ””