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Budweiser Lightning Strike To The Right Right?

Budweiser Lightning Thunderstorm

One can only image what it was like for everyone working in the brewery this night. Lightning Bolts were flying all over the place… to the left left… to the right  right… watch ya step kid …watch ya step kid 

Lightning Facts: A house or other substantial building offers the best protection from lightning. For a shelter to provide protection from lightning, it must contain a mechanism for conducting the electrical current from the point of contact to the ground. These mechanisms may be on the outside of the structure, may be contained within the walls of the structure, or may be a combination of the two.

On the outside, lightning can travel along the outer shell of the building or may follow metal gutters and downspouts to the ground. Inside a structure, lightning can follow conductors such as the electrical wiring, plumbing, and telephone lines to the ground. 15 sec, f11, 75mm, 100ISO, Tungsen WB.  www.BoInsogna,.com 1-888-682-0122

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